Accounting for VAT and the completion of VAT forms & Online Submission 

We are able to complete your VAT returns accurately and on a timely basis.  Many businesses make silly mistakes on VAT returns which can often trigger VAT inspections by H M Revenue & Customs. 

Many businesses believe they are entitled to claim VAT on certain expenditure that does not have VAT on it in the first place.   

At the time of preparing the return these silly mistakes may be considered as immaterial and not worth worrying about.  Well think again, we have seen many cases where assessments have been issued on businesses following a VAT inspection for thousands of pounds relating to these ”small insignificant amounts” that have accumulated over the years.  

And worst of all a significant number of businesses DO NOT reclaim VAT they are entitled to reclaim.  Now if you are lucky enough to avoid a VAT inspection (although this is unlikely) then this unclaimed VAT may never be identified.  

If you are new in business are you aware of what expenditure you can and cannot claim in relation to start up costs?  

If your primary records, from which your VAT return will be prepared are insufficient and poor in quality then there is a very good chance that your VAT returns will be incorrect. 

At Lipton Chartered Accountants we appreciate the significant monthly, quarterly or annual, cash outflow (in most cases) to H M Revenue & Customs in respect of VAT payments. Our aim is to ensure that VAT is correctly claimed and declared on a timely basis to avoid any nasty surprises later down the line. 

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